“Appalachia Crossroads:The Caudill Family” REPRINT!

If anyone is interested in the out-of-print three-volume book "Appalachia Crossroads: The Caudill Family" by Clayton R. Cox, the Lawrence County Kentucky Genealogical and Historical Society (LCKGHS) is working toward re-printing Volumes 2 through 4 by building a list of parties interested in purchasing this future reprint. Once 200 purchasers have been identified, the Society plans to proceed with the reprinting. If interested, please send a note to that effect to the Society at the address below and they will add you to the reprint roster. A reprint of Volume 1, "Appalachia Crossroads: Descendants of Hezekiah Sellards", is already available for purchase. Mr. Theodore B. Walter, Sr., President LCKGHS 145 Market St. Lexington, KY 40507 Email: lckghs@yahoo.com Website: http://lckghs.com/index.html