Caudill Connections-Archive

As promised here is some information from my old website. Many of the links will be outdated but there is contact information here.

This page is a family connection page that lists different researchers ancestors and lines that they are working on. To correspond with a particular researcher click on their linked name. If you would like to be added to this page just email your information to or   A special thanks to Brian K. Caudill who came up with this idea, developed the page, and continues to help with updates!!!!

1  Stephen Caudill and Mary Elizabeth Fields
   2  Benjamin Cordell and Elizabeth (?)
      3  Absalom Caudle, Sr. and Elizabeth Maness
         4  Absalem Caudle, Jr. and Mary B. Haney
            5  David Green Caudle and Martha (Tennessee) Thompson
               6  Edward Caudle and Cora Jordan
                  7  Alfred H. Caudle and Ora Irene Willbanks
                     8  Kenneth M. Caudle and Sonya C. Enslow
   2  James Caudill, Sr. and Mary Yarborough
      3  James Caudill, Jr. and Mary Adams
         4  Abigail Caudill and William Pennington
            5  William Nelson Pennington and Delilah Caudill
               6  Elizabeth Pennington and John Milton Thompson
                  7  Lafayette Thompson and America V. Wright
                     8  Roscoe Wright, Sr. and Carrie Berry
                        9  (1)Ted Homer Wright and Elsie Jocelyn Sperry
                           10  (1)James Homer Wright
         4  Henry Caudill and Phoebe Strailer
            5  Henry Caudill and Susannah Back
               6  Isom Caudill and Esther Margaret Caudill
                  7  Ada Caudill and 
                     8  (1)Emma Caudill and 
                        9  (1)Sharon Moore
            5  Isom Caudill and Elizabeth "Lizzie" Back
               6  Lewis Jesse Caudill and Sarah Banks
                  7  Wesley "Wess" Caudill and Mahalia "Hade" Ison
                     8  Carl Caudill and Dezzie Huff
                        9  Carol Jean (Caudill) Larson
         4  Jesse P. Caudill and Sarah Roberts
            5  Hugh B. Caudill and Elizabeth Blevins
               6  Thomas Jefferson Caudill and Adeline Bolling
                  7  Edward F. Caudill and Virginia Rhoades
                     8  Edward Thomas Lee Caudill and Hazel Loraine Lott
                        9  David Lee Caudill and Katherine Marlene McGarvie
                           10  Edward Lee Caudill
         4  Sampson Caudle and Elizabeth "Betsy" Adams
           *5* Hugh S. Caudle (connection to Sampson not yet proven) and Jane Bailey(?)
               6  Eliza Jane Caudle and William Wiley Crewdson
                  7  Martin Monroe Crewdson and Margaret Jane Pierce
                     8  Dwight Marion Crewdson and Elna Caroline Christensen
                        9  Harvey William Crewdson and Lorraine Marie Sandstrom
                           10  Sandra L. (Crewdson) Ceely and William David Ceely, Jr.
         4  Sarah Elizabeth Caudill & James Caudill
            5  (1)James Aaron Caudill & Eliza Eldridge
               6  (1)James Watson Caudill & Lou Holland
                  7  (1)James Holland Caudill & Margaret Hugg
                     8  (1)Watson William Caudill & Sharon Wolf
                        9  (1)Kathleen (Caudill) Nelson
                  7  (1)Ruby Caudill and Ernest Wells
                     8  (1)Rena Wells and James R. Wyrrick
                        9  (1)Marsha (Wyrrick) Wheeler
      3  Matthew Caudill and Sarah Webb
         4  Abel Caudill and Mary Ann "Polly" Crace
            5  Mary Ann Caudill and  Joseph Adams
               6  Johnson Adams and Myrtle Cooper
                  7  (1)Ernest Bundy Adams and Eula Mae Penix
                     8  (1)Bob Adams
            5  Samuel Caudill and Mary Jane Whitt
               6  Mittie Ellen Caudill and Joseph Valentine
                  7  John Henry Valentine and Margie Stewart
                     8  James Valentine and Virginia Roselee Craycraft
                        9  Denise (Valentine) Miller
         4  Abner Caudill and Ellender "Nelly" Johnson
            5  Abijah Caudill and Elizabeth A. Slone
               6  Harvey Caudill and Sarah "Sally" Mullins
                  7  Isaac Caudill, Sr. and Martha Johnson
                     8  Isaac Caudill, Jr. and Shirley Mae Hackworth
                        9  LeRoy Caudill
         4  Elizabeth Caudill and Sylvester Hampton
            5  (1)Susannah Hampton and Henry Elswick
               6  (1)Eliza Jane Elswick and Joseph Burke
                  7  (1)Lola Burke and Edgar Hogston
                     8  (1)James Hogston and Julia K. McCartney
         4  Matthew Caudill and Terry Caudill
            5  Henry Caudill and Sarah Eldridge
               6  John Caudill and 
                  7  Sam Ray Caudill and
                     8  (2)Emma Caudill and 
                        9  (2)Sharon Moore
         4  Samuel Caudill and Sarah Maggard
            5  Margaret Caudill and Daniel P. Short
               6  Sarah Ann Short and Henry Amos Kendall
                  7  (1)Everett Kendall and Carrie Ethel Caudill
                     8  (1)Ernest Everett Kendall and Betty L. Woodall
                        9  (1)Penni L. Kendall and Mark D. Lynch
            5  John M. Caudill and Jane Boggs
               6  Henry B. Caudill and Christina Black
                  7  Silas E. Caudill and Amanda Ellen Jones
                     8  (2)Carrie Ethel Caudill and Everett Kendall
                        9  (2)Ernest Everett Kendall and Betty L. Woodall
                           10  (2)Penni L. Kendall and Mark D. Lynch
         4  Sarah Caudill and William Tackitt, Jr.
            5  Martha Patsy Tackitt and Bradley Elswick, Jr.
               6  (2)Henry Elswick and Susannah Hampton
                  7  (2)Eliza Jane Elswick and Joseph Burke
                     8  (2)Lola Burke and Edgar Hogston
                        9  (2)James Hogston and Julia K. McCartney
         4  Stephen Caudill and Sarah Yonts
            5  Jesse Franklin Caudill and Ellender Estep 
               6  Matthew Caudill and Elizabeth Tackett
                  7  Abel Caudill and Mary Frances Keel
                     8  Mendia Caudill and Okey Earless Sperry	
                        9  (2)Elsie Jocelyn Sperry and Ted Homer Wright
                           10  (2)James Homer Wright
            5  John Caudill and Phoebe Fitzpatrick
               6  Winston Caudill and Sarah Elizabeth May
                  7  Alta Caroline Caudill and William Andrew Burchett
                     8  Angeline Burchett and James Emmitt Dearring
                        9  Dianne Dearring
            5  Matthew James Caudill and Temperence Hitchcock
               6  Rowland Green Caudill and Clarinda Ellen Bays
                  7  David Wylie Caudill and Ollie Gladys Howard
                     8  Edward Caudill and Lurene J. Waggoner
                        9  Ed Caudill and Marilyn Thornbury
                           10  Dana J. Caudill and Jerry McKinney
                              11  Melanie Leighann McKinney
               6  Stephen James Caudill and Jincy Fairchild
                  7  William Benjamin Caudill and Sarah Ella Rice
                     8  Garrett Caudill and Erie Salyers
                        9  Robert Chester Caudill and Shirley Caudill
                           10  Sheila Kaye (Caudill) Edwards
            5  Ruben G. Caudill and Levisa Jane Barnett
               6  Cynthia Frances Caudill and Moses Franklin Cox
                  7  Samuel Ruben Cox and Alice Castle
                     8  Clayton Ray Cox ** and Elizabeth Opal Brown
            5  William Caudill and Martha Hitchcock
               6  Samuel Caudill and Lydia Margaret Picklesimmer
                  7  William Bristo Caudill and Ada May Stevens
                     8  Chester Arthur Caudill and Virginia May Milne
                        9  Eileen Helen (Caudill) Rice
         4  Susannah Caudill and Joseph Hampton
            5  Sylvester "Vester" Hampton and Sloame Johnson
               6  Susannah Hampton and James M. Burke
                  7  (3)Joseph Burke and Eliza Jane Elswick
                     8  (3)Lola Burke and Edgar Hogston
                        9  (3)James Hogston and Julia K. McCartney
      3a Stephen Caudill and Jane DeHart
      |  4  David Caudill and Sina Walker
      |     5  Elder Daniel Caudill and Winnifred Shumate
      |        6  Mark Caudill and Angelina Musgrave
      |           7  Calvin Caudill and Elizabeth Hale
      |              8  Clyde Caudill and Florine Coughren
      |                 9  Richard Caudill
      3b Stephen Caudill and Sarah Adams
         4  Benjamin Caudill and Abigail Pennington
            5  Abel Caudill and Phoebe Hitchcock
               6  Benjamin Caudill and Caroline Whitt
                  7  Montraville "Monte" Preston Caudill and Flora Emma Gardner
                     8  Nina Belle Caudill and Tom Webb Scott
                        9  Rick Scott
            5  Sarah "Sallie" Caudill and Mason Reed
               6  Amanda Reed and Mason Conley
                  7  Mary "Mollie" Conley and Leander Penix
                     8  (2)Eula May Penix and Ernest Bundy Adams
                        9  (2)Bob Adams
            5  William Jackson Caudill and Rebecca Harris
               6  Abel C. Caudill and Louise Rice
                  7  James Caudill and Nola Blair
                     8  Thomas Caudill and Dora Lee Fairchild
                        9  Thomas D. "Dave" Caudill and Sharon  L. Kelley
               6  John A. Caudill and Lou Ella Adams
                  7  Menifee Caudill and Emma Collins
                     8  William A. Caudill and Chloie Bell Trimble
                        9  Philip H. Caudill
         4  Esther (Easter) Caudill & Levi Eldridge
            5  (2)Eliza Eldridge & James Aaron Caudill
               6  (2)James Watson Caudill & Lou Holland
                  7  (2)James Holland Caudill & Margaret Hugg
                     8  (2)Watson William Caudill & Sharon Wolf
                        9  (2)Kathleen (Caudill) Nelson
                  7  (2)Ruby Caudill and Ernest Wells
                     8  (2)Rena Wells and James R. Wyrrick
                        9  (2)Marsha (Wyrrick) Wheeler
         4  Jesse B. Caudill and Mary Back
            5  Henry Caudill and Barilla Jones
               6  William M. Caudill and Etta B. Dixon
                  7  Harold K. Caudill and Dociphene Frazier
                     8  Brian K. Caudill
            5a John M. Caudill and Polly Ann Morgan
            |  6  William H. Caudill and Ollie Mae Sumner
            |     7  Edith Caudill and Marcellus Combs
            |        8  Norma (Combs) Tyree
            |  6  Curtis M. Caudill and Lyda Mae Webb
            |     7  Patricia (Caudill) Cole
            5b John M. Caudill and Polly Caudill
               6  Ethel Caudill and Sammy Polly
                  7  Earl Dean Polly
            5  Rebecca Caudill and Allen Webb
               6  Nancy Webb and Henderson Holcomb
                  7  Rose (Holcomb) Lewis
         4  John Adams Caudill and Rachel Cornett
            5  Benjamin Everage Caudill and Martha Asbury
               6  Benjamin Franklin Caudill and Lucy House
                  7  Henry Clay Caudill and Merle Killough
                     8  Leo Killough Caudill and Bonnie Tipton
                        9  Robert Eugene Caudill and Jeanette Boyt
      3  Thomas Aaron Caudill and Mary Earnest
         4  Thomas Caudill and Jane (Jenny) Caudill
            5  Abner C. Caudill and Mary Emily Justice
               6  William G. Cordell and Mary Ellen Boggs
                  7  James Harrison Cordell and Bertha May Parks
                     8  William Garfield Cordell
   2  William Caudill and Elizabeth Pruitt
      3  Jeremiah Caudill and Sarah Adams
         4  John B. Caudill and Levica Smith
            5  Thomas Matthew Caudill and Sarah Jane Holloway
               6  Mallie Jane "Janie" Caudill and Gaither Winfield Taylor
                  7  Clara Odessa Taylor and James Oscar "Oscar" Wyatt
                     8  Parents of Leeann W. Gaines
                        9   Leeann W. Gaines
         4  William Cordial and Jane Wheeler
            5  James Boone Cordell and Eleanor Thompson
               6  Wesley Thompson Caudle and Lucinda Lemaster
                  7  Jeremiah "Jerry Marrow" Caudle and Dora Belle Patrick
                     8  Herbert Marvin Caudle and Edna Myrtle Rust
                        9  Richard Marvin "Bud" Caudle and Elizabeth Rose Reader
            5  Jeremiah Caudill and Lucinda Thompson
               6  William Caudill and Rita Mae Lemaster
                  7  Chester Caudill and Burthe Straward
                     8  Herman Caudill and Onidith Workman
                        9  Robert Caudill and Judy Ann Wheeler
            5  Ralph Caudill and Nancy B. Moore
               6  William Caudill II and Rita Mae Lemaster
                  7  Zona Caudill and Lee Jordan
                     8  Paul Jordan and Betty Jean Thomas
                        9  Beverly (Jordan) Whitney
30 comments on “Caudill Connections-Archive
  1. Dee Caudill says:

    Great to see the updated site! We just went to KY and met our Caudill cousins for the first time!

    • says:

      Thanks! Hope your trip was fun. Hope to add additional content soon including additional pictures. Send me any information you would like posted.


  2. Barbara Cordell Carithers says:

    I am thrilled to see your website back up! I am from the line of Thomas Aaron Caudill & Mary “Polly” Earnest. My Father is William G Cordell who made some of the other entries in the old Blog. My father gave me all his genealogy papers about a year and a half ago. He like so many of his forefathers had a stroke and his speech and reading are now too affected to research. But I am happily researching & am known as “becorcari” on Ancestry.

    • says:

      Thanks! Sorry to hear about your Father. Hope to add me info soon including additional additional pictures. Send anything you would like added.

  3. dwight davis says:

    looking for james and ida(deaton)caudill, son alfred caudill @1918…

  4. Larry R, Franklin says:

    My mother was Cynthia Caudill Franklin. Grandparents Henry Caudill and Minerva Dixon Caudill. Great Grandparents Benjamin F. and Cynthia Ward Caudill. GGGrandparents John and Phoebe Fitzpatrick Caudill. GGGGrandparents Stephen and Sarah Yonts Caudill. They were located in the Johnson Co. area of Kentucky.

  5. Barbara Baldwin says:

    I, too, am glad to see your return. I descend from Abner Caudle and Nelly Johnson. Their daughter, Mary, married James Little, James and Mary are my gr,gr Grandparents. Mary’s sister Lucinda, married James’ brother, Isaac. I haven’t delved into the Caudles for some time but I am ready to get back to my Maternal ancestors.

  6. Kristy Caudill Troxler says:

    My grandfather is Bob Caudill, son of Darius Caudill and Ozie Bare Caudill. I have researched the family line up through Jesse P Caudill and Sarah Roberts. I have not been able to find much information at all and would appreciate any help at all! I can be contacted at Thanks!

  7. Norma Lee Rogers says:

    I do believe Isom Caudill and Esther Margaret Caudill is my Grandmothers Mother and father, Doshie Caudill married John Clint Hatton…. just now getting into my Grandmother’s side of her family, and really enjoying getting to know and met family I have never known about…. thanks for having this page…

  8. Brian Caudill says:

    I am trying to see if there is any connection with my family. My grandfather (Paris Caudill) was from Paintsville, Ky. I currently live near Richmond, Va but will be moving to Arizona in February due to the military. Being close to North Carolina, I would like to travel down if there is a connection. Thank you so much.

    • Norma Lee Rogers says:

      Brian if you can send me a email to my yahoo address, need more information, we do have a Brian Keith Caudill listed in our data base but nothing more than his name, thanks

    • Brandon Caudill says:

      Brian I’m Brandon Caudill my father and father are from the paintsville area. My father Eddie “Jimmy” Dean Caudill, my Grandfather is Tillman Caudill I’m trying to find ancestory info as well

  9. Mandy Burt - strickland says:

    I was trying to find out I believe my grandma whos name is Lois caudill – Burt caudill being home her maiden name is related I don’t know much other than she was from Jeremiah Kentucky Derby

  10. Cindy Caudill Heck says:

    Trying to connect to other Family members
    My Great Great grandfather was Joseph Caudill from North Carolina, We He came to Missouri eventually his wife was Patsy Bollen but have no other infor. The line of Caudill’s here are attached to the Maggards from what I can find., though
    Joseph Caudill / Patsy Bollen, Boling, Bollin, Bollan several spellings
    Steven or Stephen Caudill / Viney-Melvina Bollen Step child of Elihu Maggard Her mother was Freelove Bollen, several spellings and grandparents Daniel Bowling/Sarah Caudill
    James Orin Caudill–grandfather
    Virgil Caudill–father
    My generation next. Just can not get past Joseph.
    What I would like is Joseph Caudills Father and Mother’s names and family if you know.
    Thanks alot for any information you have though

  11. Roy Caudill says:

    my name is Roy Caudill,grandson of Elisha and louise (morris) caudill any info about them would be helpful

  12. Richard Caudill says:

    Hoping to connect with Caudills in Ohio. G-grandfather, Mark caudill left NC in 1870. He had worked in the Ore Knob Copper Mine prior to serving with the 61st NC and later was detached to Petersburg,VA as a smelter. His father, Daniel, died intestate 1877, and family land was given to widowed sisters and their children. Mark worked as a farmhand in Ross Co.OH. He later moved his family to Xenia, OH

  13. Roger Caudill says:

    I am a descendent of Matthew Caudill and Sarah Webb. Looking for any information linked to them. I live in Ohio now was born in Floyd County Kentucky.

  14. Bonnie Karlyle says:

    Jesse P. Caudill and Sarah Roberts- Any information about link between a Caudill and Roberts??? I’m showing a DNA link to a Caudill line.

    • jeffrey caudill says:


      Jeffrey Caudill here. My great grandfather was Judd Franklin Caudill form Lynch I believe.Grand father was James Franklin Caudill and father is Charles Robert Caudill.
      You mentioned a DNA link. How were you able to find a link to Caudill line? I have been looking for information on my birth mother, Sharon Leigh Hamilton from Indiana. I haven’t considered DNA test can ID blood lines.
      jcaudill.texas@gmail is how you can reach me if you care to. Awesome to find this site…

  15. Dianna Derry says:

    I am trying to trace Mary Caudill born 1828 or 1829 who had a son with Syra Combs. She was not married to Combs. Her son was Benjamin Franklin Caudill 1850 to 1928. She had another son Allen Caudell 1859 to 1936.

    My grandfather was Albert Caudill 1901 to 1967

  16. Buddy helton says:

    I am trying to find out information about Earnestine short Caudill. Any help would be welcomed. I am a nephew of Earnestine. Her father was James William short a sheriff of letcher county, Kentucky. Thank you!

  17. ELAINE M HILL says:

    My great grandfather was Thomas Jefferson Caudill.

    Elaine Livesay Hill

  18. Richard Caudill says:

    If you are just starting out seeking family information the best place is Lenny Caudill works hard to keep the website relevant.

    • Kristine Weaver says:

      When is the reunion, I would love to get my husband Doug and his sister Cynthia to go. They are grandchildren of Amos Herbert Caudill. Children of Ennice Caudill Weaver.I have on this off and on for years. Thought I hit the jackpot when I found all 4 of the Calvin Cox books. But the internet is greAt. Make me feel closer to Doug’s family history.

  19. Cathie hicks says:

    Seeking info on Margaret caudill/caudle/? That died in in 1874, she died at childbirth and the child was raised by the father??? And lived to be 85 years old and raised a family of 10 children. The mystery of this is it wasnt common kmowledge and we dont know any thing except her name and that the son lived his entire life in knott county ky. We are hoping that some one has heard of a margaret caudill/ caudle in this time frame we dont know if caudill/caudle is a mar. name or maiden name, but she wasnt mar. to the father.


  20. Teresa Leonard MacMackin says:

    Here is my Caudill family line. If anyone has information I would love to hear it. If I can give information on what I have found, I will do my best.

    1. Stephen Caudill and Mary Elizabeth Fields
    2. James Caudill and Mary Yarborough
    3. Matthew Caudill and Sarah Jane Webb
    4. Samuel (Sammie) Caudill and Sarah Maggard
    5. John Maggard Caudill and Nancy Jane Boggs
    6. Samuel B. Caudill and Amanda Susan Hall
    7. Benjamin Franklin Caudill and Lillie Mae Cornett
    8. Gladys Caudill (my grandmother)and George Cleveland Leonard
    9. Arthur Lee (Buster) Leonard (my dad)and Leona Jane Tyler
    10. Teresa Leonard MacMackin (that’s me)
    My dad looked a lot like his great grandfather, Samuel B. Caudill.

  21. Patricia Caudill (Eldridge) says:

    My grandmother was Eva Violet Caudill & She married a Charles Caudill Sr from a different set of Caudill’s they had 4 Children Lilly June Caudill (bowmen), Dorithy Caudill (Blackwell) Patty Eugene Caudill died as an Infant and My father Charles Caudill Jr they lived in Eolia, Letcher County Ky on Smith Creek not sure if any of these names ring a bell and im not sure of my great grand parents names the only one still alive out of them is my Aunt Dorithy my father passed last April 3rd

  22. Amanda Caudill Branham says:

    My great grandfathers name was Will Caudill. While living in Carter co Ky he was married to Laura Barker. Will left Laura and her children and never returned. Some sites I have went to said Will ended up in Letcher co Ky where he “married again and had more children. If this story or people sound familiar please let me know

  23. Candice Caudill Thomas says:

    Hello everyone.
    Might anyone know anything about
    Jack Caudill who married Susanna Combs
    Charlie Caudill who married Ida Gibson
    All in or around Pike county Kentucky I believe but not 100% sure
    Thanks for being here

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