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This page is for Caudill related pre-1800 information submitted by Caudill Researchers.

Revolutionary War Pension Record Transcript of Stephen Caudill:

The following is a transcript of some of the Revolutionary War Pension Record of Stephen Caudill. I saw copies of it at the C.B Caudill store located in Blackey, KY. I visited there in JAN 1998 and had a long VERY pleasant conversation with the current owner Joe Begley. His wife was a Caudill and he knows a lot about the history. I had tried to get these records from the National Archives (I only live 1.5 hours from Washington) but didn’t realize that the spelling was CORDILL.
National Archives File R-2315:
Perry County, State of Kentucky. On the 12th of August, 1833, personally appeared in open court before a Justice of the County Court of P. County now setting, Stephen Cordill, resident of said county, age 70 years who being first sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June 7th 1832, that he entered service as a volunteer in the militia of the United States, shortly before General Gate’s defeat at Camden, S.C. for 3 months, in Wilkes County, N.C., where he lived, in Captain John Morgan’s Company in Col. Ben Hern’s regiment in the line of North Carolina. From Wilkes, he marched to the mouth of Rocky River, then back to guard the frontiers of Wilkes against Tories and Indians and after serving his term aforesaid, he was honorably discharged at the mouth of Rocky River in Wilkes County, N.C. by Col. Noah who then commanded the regiment. Shortly after Gate’s defeat he does not remember any Regular Officers, he again entered service sometime before the Battle of Kings Mountain as a volunteer for 3 months in Wilkes County in Captain Samuel Johnson’s company in Col. Cleveland’s regiment. His Major was Dick Allen. He was marched from there to Kings Mountain and was in hearing of the battle, but in the foot party, and did not reach the battle in time to receive Prisoners as they were taken. He remembered having seen Col. Shelby & General Campbell. He was marched back to Wilkes County as a guard of the Prisioners. When after serving out his tour he was honorably discharged by Col. Cleveland in Wilkes County, N.C. Next, in 1781, in Wilkes County, N.C. where he resided he volunteered for three months in Captain Johnson’s company in the 5th regiment (Col’s name forgotten) on the line of the state of North Carolina. He was marched from Wilkes to Surray and then back to Wilkes and after serving out his term of three months he was discharged in the year 1781, in Wilkes County by Captain Samuel Johnson, in Wilkes Co., N.C. On this trip he recalls no General Officers. He was born in Lunenburg County, Va. moved to Kentucky after the Revolutionary War to the place where he now lives. His discharges he has long since lost not knowing that they would ever profit him anything. He hereby relinguishes every claim whatsoever to a pension or annuity except the present and declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of state sworn to subscribed the day and year aforesaid /s/ Stephen Cordill
James Cordill a reputable witness made oath in open court, that he is the brother of the foregoing Stephen Cordill and that he knows of his own knowledge that the foregoing statements of said Stephen Cordill are true to the first two trips because he served with him each time in the services, and the third trip he has no doubt is true as he knew of his leaving home to here (?) from this trip & when he returned he remembers it was long enough to have served out three months. Sworn to and subscribed the day and year aforesaid. /s/ James Cordill
Roger Turner, resident of said County of Perry, age 74, upon oath in open court declared, that he knows the foregoing statement of Stephen Cordill is true, because he served with him and has known him ever since this a man of truth. /s/ Roger Turner
We Daniel Duff a clergyman, Benj. Webb and Elijah Combs, residing in the said county of Perry hereby certify that they are well acquainted with Stephen Cordill who has signed& sworn to the foregoing declaration, that we believe him to be of 70 years of age, that he is respected and believed in this neighborhood where he resides to have been a Soldier of the Revolution and that we concur in that opinion. Sworn and subscribed the day and year aforesaid. /s/ Daniel Duff /s/ Benj Webb /s/ Elijah Combs
And the P. court do hereby declare their opinion after this investigation of the matter& and after putting the interragotories prescribed by the War Department that the above named applicant was a Revolutionary Soldier and serves as he states and the Court further certifies that it appears them that Daniel Duff who has signed the preceding Certificate is a Clergyman, resident of said County of Perry & that Benj Webb & Elijah Combs who has also signed the same is also a resident of said County and is a creditable person and think their statements is fully entitled to credit, and the Court further Certify that James Cordill & Roger Turner who signed the foregoing certificates are creditable persons & that their statements is fully entitled to credit. I Jesse Combs Clerk of the County Court of Perry County, KY. do hereby Certify that the forgoing contains the original proceedings of the said Court in the matter of the application of Stephen Cordill for a pension. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand & affixed my seal of office this 12th day of August 1833. /s/ Jesse Combs Clerk of Perry County Court  (submitted by LeRoy Caudill)
Following information pieces submitted by Jim Ovendorf:

1692        Stephen Caudle      Williamsburg Scots Kith & Kin notes Stephen one of three Caudle’s arrived VA colony in 1692 with Capt Hawthorne. He was given a land grant of 195 acres by King George II 25 Aug 1731 by Wm Gocch Williamsburg, VA.
27 Aug 1705  Mary Wickham    York Co VA Virginia Settlers and English Adventurers by Currer -Briggs deed refers to sister Elizabeth Caudle living Hunsdown, England leaving her money she has in England with Perry& Co York Co rec No12 1702/1706  p369 27 Aug 1705 proved 24 Sep 1705
2 Feb 1662/3   John Caudle   Brimfield Glouster CC Virginia Settlers and English Adventurers by Currer-Briggs John witness will of John Kirby  proved 17  Mar 1662/3
1585      Sir William Cordall        Sussex Virginia Settlers and English Adventurers by Currer-Briggs Sir William Cordall, is mentioned in will of Thomas, Earl of Sussex  PCC 52 Brundenell  1 Apr 1583 proved  15 Nov 1585 lived near Boreham, Essex Shown as Sir William Cordall, KT. Master of the Rolls mentioned in same sentence with the Chief Justice and Attorney General.
1731      Stephan Caudle        Surray Co VA Land record Stephan of Surray Co VA obtained 195 acres on north side of Nottaway River bordered by Col Benj Harrison.
1731-41 Stephan Caudle tax Sussex Co VA Indicates living those years next to Benjamin Adams
1740-60   Benjamin Caudill   Sussex Co VA shown as landowner
1741    Edward Cordle    Brunswick Co VA Shown on tax record
1747    Stephan Caudle  Brunswick Co VA  Stephan  St Andrew’s Parish indenture to Sampson Caudle
1748     Stephan Caudle    Brunswick Co VA voting list shows Stephan listed over Sampson Caudle (most cases this indicates son of Stephan but some say Sampson was brother to Stephan).
1752   Stephan Cordell    Lunenberg Co VA shows James Cordell indented under Stephan on tax record
1790 Census Extract submitted by William Garfield Cordell (Note the spelling: Coddle)

Caudill’s and some neighbors in 1790


This is abstracted from a book, The First Federal Census of the United States 1790.

It is from the Morgan District of Wilkes County North Carolina.


First column is white males over sixteen, including heads of households.

Second column is free white males under sixteen.

Third column is free white female , including heads of households.

Fourth column is all other free persons (there were none in abstract)

Fifth column is Slaves. (14 in total)

(caution, columns don’t transmit well in email)


This gives an idea of who was in the neighborhood and may indicate a friendship

or common way of life.




King, Robt                               1                       2                       1                      .

Love, John                                1                       0               2

Turner, Roger                           1                       2               3

Richeson, Alex1                       3               3

Lyon,Wm                                 1                       4               4

Stone, Cudy                             1                       0               2

Sparks Reuben1                       1             3

Gambell Jn                               2                       3             4

Holbrook, Jn                             1                       2             3

Joines, Thom                            1                       1             7

Morgan, Thom  1                       2             3

Rice,Wm                                 1                       4             4

Billins, Gasper1                       0               1

Lewis, George  2                       1             10

Townson, John1                       3               2

Hicks, Claybon1                       1               3

Morgan, Thom  1                       2               3

Morgan, Wm                            1                       1               1

Fugate, Esom                          1                       2             1

Conally Henry                           1                       5             4

Botts, Joshua                           2                       2               2

Craft, Chilus                             1                       1               2

Adams, Jacob  1                       4               4

Lovelace Arche1                       1               1

Colwell, Seth                            1                       2               4

Stamper Joel                            1                       3                      3                                              1

Clarke, David                            1                       0               1

Mulky, Jn                                1                       0               1

Gambell, Mary1                       1                      2                                              7

Oscar, Dan                              1                       3               2

Hammon, John1                       3               8

Hammon, Ben                          1                       0               3

Hammon, Wm2                       1             2   0

Adams, Ben                             1                       7             5

Alex’, Willis                              1                       2               1

Johnson, Thom1                       1               5

Bowe, Edmund1                       2               5

Webb, Jas                               1                       3               2

Hously, Charity0                       4                     2

Warner, Winney                        1                       0               3

Johnson, Wm, Esqr                 1                       3               2

Johnson, Phillip                        1                       1               2

Johnson, Rachal                                               2                       2             3

Thaxton, Jn                                                      1                       0               4

Coddle, Stephn                         1                       1               4

Coddle, Jas      –                                               2                       0               2


Holbrooks, Colby                                       1                       1               1

Hoibrooks, Randol             1                       5               3

Medlin, Wm                                                     4                       1               3

Medlin, Duk                 2   0         0

Lorance, Jas                                                    1                       1               1

Lorance, Thom                         2                       1               2

Cate, Charis                                                     1                       2               5

Cate,Jn                                                            1                       2               2

Fugot, Patia                                                                                             2

Adams Jn                                                        1                       1                      5                                              3

Ross, Emanuel                         1                       0                      5                                              1

Scott,Wm                                                        3                       3               5

Manard Kit                                                       1                       3               3

Lion,Wm                                                          1                       0               2

Adams, John                                                    1                       0               1

Boggers, Rd                                                     1                       6               2

Hagins, Jn                                                        1                       1               1


Wiatt, Abby                                                      0                       1               3

Hariss, Susana                         0                       0               4

Harriss Wm                                                      1                       1               4

Welsh, Thom                                                    1                       2               4

Lyon, Jacob                                                     1                       0               4

Holbrooks, Zach                        1                       2             1

Holbrooks, Jn                                                   1                       2               1

Holbrooks, Wm                        1                       2               2

Hargis, Wm                                                      2                       0               1

Reed,Jas                                                         2                       0               2

Stamper, Jonath                                               2                       4               3

Billings, Thom                                                  2                       0               4

Billings, Thom               1   0         0

Prewitt, Jo                                                        1                       2               3

Stones, Sam                                                    1                       2               2

Minor, Jesse                                                    1                       0               2

Manor, Gibson                          1                       2                       5

Manor, Jas                                                       1                       1               4

Blackburn, Wm                        1                       1               3

Manor, Drury                                    1   0         1

Frazer, Micajah                        1                       3                       4

Cornelius Wm                                                  1                       1                      1

Roberts, Edwd                          1                       2               3

Hammon, Jas                                                   1                       1                      1

Sparks, Jn°                                                      1                       4                       3

Scrutchfield, Art                        1                       2                       3

Hidden, Elisha                          3                       1               4

Adams, Spencer                                   1                       3                      3                                            2

Hiddy, Gilbert                                                   1                       0                       0


Pruitt, Lus                                                        0                       1               2

Bradberry, Wm                         1                       2               2

Bradberry,Jas                                                   2                       3                       3

Donathn, Nelson                                               1                       2               2

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