Matthew & Sarah Webb Caudill Chapter 2



MATTHEW  CAUDILL.  son  of James &  Sarah  (Yarbrough)  Caudill,
Sr.  was  born about 1760 in Lunenburg County,  Virginia  and
died  in Letcher County, KY.  He married SARAH WEBB  who  was
born 8 November 1788, in North Carolina.  Later he and  Sarah
moved  to  Pendleton District, SC where  their  first  child,
Stephen and other children were born.

Prior  to the Revolutionary War, the Pendleton  District  had
been  a  part  of the Cherokee  Indian  Nation.  Because  the
Cherokee  Indians  decided  with  Great  Britain  during  the
Revoluationary War and were defeated, they lost this  partial
of  land in the northwest corner of South Carolina which  now
contains the counties of Anderson, Oconee, and Pickens.  This
happened about 1789.

Matthew  &  Sarah must have gone to South Carolina  with  his
brothers  James.  Jr, who was a Revoluationary  War  Veteran,
and his brother Thomas Aaron.

They  returned  to Wilkes County, NC for a while,  then  they
migrated  to what is now Letcher County, KY between 1805  and
1810. They settled on Millstone Creek in what is now  Letcher

His  100 acre farm in Wilkes County, NC was sold 12  December
1810  per Wilkes County Deed Book K, page 11. This  farm  was
situated  on the Brush (or Rush) Fork of the  Roaring  River.
It  was sold for $50.00 to Robert Johnson of  Wilkes  County.
The  indenture  was witnessed by Stephen  Caudill  and  Abner
Caudill.  For  some  reason the deed was  not  presented  for
recording  until the January 1821 term of the  Wilkes  County
Court,  and not put to registry until the 19th day  of  June,
1821. The old John Adams line is listed as the North starting
point and Stephen Caudill’s line is on the South Side.

Mary  (Webb)  Caudill was the descendent of the  Webb  family
which  emigrated  from  England with  the  second  colony  of
William   Penn  into  Philadelphia in the  late  1600’s,  and
settled  for  a while in Virginia and North  Carolina  before
settling in Kentucky.

She  was the daughter of James and Lettie (Nelson) Webb,  Sr.
She was the Grand Daughter of John and Mary (Boone) Webb, Jr.
Mary  (Boone) Webb was a brother to Squire Boone and an  Aunt
of  the famous Daniel Boone. This  makes their descendants  a
cousin  of Daniel Boone.

Census records show that the Webb, Bryan, and Boone  families
often moved into new settlements together.

John  Webb,  Jr.’s father, John , Sr., is  the  ancestor  who
migrated to America from England.

Sarah (Webb) Caudill’s brother Benjamin Webb was part of  the
first settlement in Letcher County, KY, led by John Adams  in

In  the 1850 census of Letcher County, KY, Sarah  was  living
with or next door to her son Abel.  When the  1860 census  of
Letcher County, she was living with her daughter and  son-in-
law Elizabeth and Sylvester Hampton.

The 1837 deed settling Matthew’s Estate is recorded in  Perry
County, KY records and shows that his farm was located at the
mouth of Millstone Creek near Mayking, Letcher County, KY.

[2]   STEPHEN  CAUDILL  was  born 7  February  1794  in  South
Carolina.  He  married  SARAH YOUNTS on  21  June  1814,  in
Floyd  County,  KY. She was the daughter of  William  Younts
of  Floyd  County  (Now  Letcher County),  KY  and  born  18
March,  1796. They made their home in the Left Beaver  Creek
Section of Floyd County, KY near the Pike County Line.

Sarah  must have died between 1825 and 1834. These  are  the
years between the birth of her youngest son, Reubin and  his
second  marriage.

Their  children were: John Caudill; Jesse Franklin  Caudill;
Matthew  Caudill;  William Caudill;  James  Calvin  Caudill;
Reubin Caudill.

All  of  their sons except Jesse Franklin moved  to  Johnson
County,  Ky and raised their families there. Jesse  Franklin
settled  in the section of Pike County, KY which was in  the
area  of the head of the Left Fork of Beaver Creek in  Floyd
County, KY.

The  descendants  of  these six sons of  Stephen  and  Sarah
(Younts) Caudill will appear in another section.

Stephen  Caudill  had a second marriage in Pike  County,  KY
on  1 May 1834 to Elizabeth Casebolt, the daughter of  Sabry
Terry  Casebolt. She was born in Scott County, Va  and  died
in  Lawrence  County, KY on 7 January, 1857. There  were  no
children of this marriage.

[3]  ABNER  CAUDILL was born in 1797, in South  Carolina.  He
married  ELLENDER “NELLE” JOHNSON, the daughter  of  Patrick
and  Deliah  Johnson, on  3  December 1814.  He settled   in
Floyd County, KY, probably in the Left Beaver Creek Area.

Known   children were: Jane Caudill; Abijah  Caudill;  Sarah
Caudill;  Alfred Caudill; Delilia Caudill; Lucinda  Caudill;
Elizabeth  Caudill; Abner Caudill.

[4]  JANE “JENNY” CAUDILL was born in 1799 in Wilkes  County,
NC.   She  married THOMAS CAUDILL, son of Thomas  Aaron  and
Mary  Caudill  on  12 December 1816. She and  Tom  moved  to
Johnson  County,  KY and raised their family  there  in  the
Riceville area of Johnson County.

[5]  MARY CAUDILL was born in 1801 in Wilkes County,  NC  and
died  in Letcher County, KY.  She is buried at the mouth  of
Long Fork, Hartley, Pike County, KY.  On 30 August 1832,  in
Pike  County,KY. She married RICHARD COLLIER who was born  9
May  1789  in  VA.  He died on 3 August  1871  on  Millstone
Creek, Letcher County, KY and is buried on the Left Fork  of
Millstone Creek in present day Letcher County, KY.

[6]  SAMUEL  CAUDILL  was born 24  Septmber  1804  in  Wilkes
County, NC. He died 13 August 1883. He married SARAH MAGGARD
in Perry County on 31 March 1825.  Sarah was born 9 November
1809 in KY.  They are buried on the old farm near  Morehead,
Rowan County, KY.

This  family  lived  in the  Cumberland  Valley  in  Letcher
County,  KY,  then  for a while in  Knott  County,  KY,  and
shortly before the Civil War they moved to Rowan County,  KY
where they spent the rest of their lives.

It  is  their descndents who started and still  operate  the
Peoples Bank in Morehead, KY and are very prominent is Rowan
County, KY..

[7] RACHEL CAUDILL married Peter Crace.

[8]  RICHARD ISON CAUDILL was born in 1819 and married  Nancy

[9]  MATTHEW CAUDILL, JR. married Terry Caudill the  daughter
of  Henry  and  Phoebe (Strother) Caudill.  They  are  First
Cousin – One Generation Removed.

[10] SARAH CAUDILL was born in 1795 in Kentucky. She  married
WILLIAM   “BUCK”   TACKETT,  from  Knox   County,   KY,   in
July,  1814  in Pike County, KY. They  had  three  children:
Elizabeth Tackett; Abel Tackett; George W. Tackett.

[11]   ELIZABETH CAUDILL  was born in 1816 in Kentucky,   and
married  Sylvester  Hampton.  Her mother Sarah  Caudill  was
living  with them at the time of the 1860 census of  Letcher
County, KY.


[12]   ABEL CAUDILL was born in 1817 in Kentucky and  married
MARY  “POLLY” CRACE. He settled in Magoffin County, KY.  His
son  Abel Harrison settled in Scioto County, OH. Several  of
Grand   Children  and Great Grand Children still  reside  in
Scioto  County,  OH.  Known children  were:  Sarah  Caudill;
Pleasant  Caudill; Samuel Caudill; Mary Ann  Caudill;  Celia
Caudill; Matthew J. Caudill; Mahala Caudill; Rhoda  Caudill;
Henry  J  Caudill; Abel Harrison Caudill; Peter  A  Caudill;
John Quency  Caudill.

[13]  SUSANAH CAUDILL was born about 1820 and married  JOSEPH
HAMPTON.  They  settled in Rowan County, KY.  They  had  the
following children:  Matthew Hampton; Nelson Hampton.






















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  1. Chapter 2 What happened to Delilah Caudill. Did she marry a Pennington mother Abigail?

  2. Tina Caudill says:

    I am unclear about Mary (Boone) Webb. In the passage above it states, “Mary (Boone) Webb was a brother to Squire Boone and an Aunt of the famous Daniel Boone. This makes their descendants a cousin of Daniel Boone.” So was Mary (Boone) Webb a woman or man?

  3. Glen Terry says:

    I have Elizabeth Casebolt marriage to Stephen Caudill as May 1 1828 (KY Marriage records) they had three children: Mary Caudill abt b. 1840, Susannah Caudill b.1842 and Anny abt b.1849

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