Unfinished Caudill History

Written by LeRoy Caudill, Huntington, WVa Рnow deceased

2 comments on “Unfinished Caudill History
  1. I am trying to find which line of the Caudill my family comes from…my grandfather was Benjamin Lee Caudill and he died in Oceana WV. Around 1992. He was married to Zetta Mae Brooks..my dad is Benny Lee Caudill. My understanding is my grandfather’s Fathers name was Hugh Lawrence Caudill. My grandfather never spoke much about his father…I believe one of my grandfather sisters was named Mamie

    • Alan Caudill says:

      My father was your grandfathers youngest brother, their father was Hugh Lawrence Caudill. My dad never talked about his father either. Hugh Lawrence and my grandmother separated, probably in the early 1920s. Hugh Lawrence remarried and had 3 children. One is still with us and I met her at the annual Caudill reunion in Tazwell, VA 4-5 years ago. I am willing to share other info I have and details about the annual reunion if you are interested.

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