Chapter 8 Jesse Franklin Caudill



[1]  JESSE  FRANKLIN CAUDILL settled in Floyd County,  KY.  He
was  born  8  January  1818  in  Perry (Now Letcher) County,
KY.   He  died on  27 October 1874, on Left   Beaver  Creek,
Floyd  County,  KY.  On 6 August 1834, he  married   ELEANOR
“NELLE”  ESTEP, the daughter of Joel Estep.

In  1837  he was in what is now Boone County, WV  where  his
daughter  Rebecca  was  born. He was  still  there  in  1842
because  he was one of the signers of the petition  to  form
Boone  County  from  Logan,  Kanawha,  &  Fayette  Counties.
Shortly after this he was back in Kentucky.

He  and  Nelle had 13 children:  Matthew  Caudill;   Rebecca
Caudill;  Rachel Caudill; William Caudill; Matilda  Caudill;
Wilson  Caudill;  John   Wesley   Caudill;   Sarah  Caudill;
Martha  Caudill;  Elizabeth Caudill;  Kennis   F.   Caudill;
Nancy Caudill; Alexander Caudill.

[2]  MATTHEW  CAUDILL was born in 1836 in Floyd  County,  KY.
He  married  ELIZABETH  TACKETT,  the  daughter  of  William
“Bucky” Tackett  and Sarah (Caudill) Tackett. Sarah was  the
daughter  of Matthew  and  Sarah (Webb) Caudill.  They had 6
children:   Sarah  Caudill;  Abel Caudill;   Nancy  Caudill;
William Caudill;  Jesse Caudill.

[3] REBECCA CAUDILL was born 19 August 1837 in Boone  County,
WV,  then Logan County, VA.  She died in Pike County, KY  on
13  January  1910. She married ABEL TACKETT on  22  February
1855 in Pike County, KY. She is a Grandniece of her  husband
Abel’s  mother, Sarah Caudill.

Abel  was  born  in July 1833 and was  the  son  of  William
“Bucky”  Tackett and Sarah Caudill.

Sometime  before  his death, he gave each  of  his  children
$1,000.00 in gold or the equivalent in property.

Abel  & Rebecca are buried in the Chestnut Orchard  Cemetery
on Upper Long Fork in Pike County, KY.

Their  children  are:  Elizabeth  Tackett;  Marion  Tackett;
Matthew  Tackett;  James Tackett;  Lucinda  Tackett;  Jasper
“Jay:  Tackett;  Newton Tackett;  Arminda  Tackett;  Frankie
Tackett;  Willis  Tackett; Delilah  Tackett;  John  Tackett;
Abner “Abbey” Tackett; Willard Tackett.
[4]  RACHEL CAUDILL was born about 1839 in Floyd  County,  KY
and died 28 May 1910. On 9 September 1855 she married GEORGE
W TACKETT in Pike County, KY.
George  Tackett was born 27 October 1837 in Pike County,  Ky
and died 13 December 1906 in Pike County, KY. He was the son
of William and Sarah (Caudill) Tackett.

Their children  are: Jesse Tackett; Patsy  Tackett;  William
Tackett; Abner Tackett; Ellender “Nellie” Tackett;  Silvania
Tackett;   Enos  Tackett;  Kenos  Tackett;  Jerry   Tackett;
Alamander   Tackett;  Elizabeth  Tackett;  Wilson   Tackett;
Jarvey Tackett; Reuben Tackett; Benjamin Tackett.

[5]  WILLIAM CAUDILL was born about 1842 in Floyd County,  KY
and  died  in  July  1904. He married  NANCY  MARTIN  on  26
September  1869. Nancy was born about  1842 in Floyd County,
KY.  She was the daughter of Alamander and Malinda  (Martin)

Their  children  are:  Hannah  “Hanner”  Caudill;  Elizabeth
Caudill; Mary Caudill;   Andrew Caudill; John Caudill.

[6]  MATILDA CAUDILL was born about 1844 in Floyd County,  KY
and  was married on 18 September 1859 to RILEY  ROBERTS.  He
was born about 1838.

Their  children  are: Ellender Roberts who  was  born  about
1860;  Daniel who was born about 1862; Kennis F Roberts  was
born about 1864 and married Lettie  Bailey  on 3 April 1883;
Urusla Roberts was born about 1867; James W Roberts was born
about  1869 and married Delila Bailey on 10  November  1887;
John  Roberts  was born in June 1874 on Left  Beaver  Creek,
Floyd County, KY

[7]   WILSON  CAUDILL  was born 22  February  1847  in  Floyd
County, KY and died 25 December 1925 in Floyd County, KY. He
is buried in the Buckingham Cemetery, Buckingham, KY.

He  married  MAHALA MARTIN on 19 May 1856. She  was  born  1
March  1848 in Floyd County, KY and is buried on  the  Right
Fork  of  Beaver  Creek. She is the  daughter  of  Alamander
Martin and Malinda Martin.

Their  children  are: Nancy Caudill who married  Elmer  Wall
Mullins; Rhoda Caudill who married Maryland Tackett;  Hanner
Caudill  who  married  Andrew  Johnson;  Susan  Caudill  who
married Andrew Johnson; Wilburn Caudill who married first to
Rebecca  Tackett  and second to Amanda  P  Newsome;  Rebecca
Caudill  who  married William Tackett;  Flareh  Caudill  who
married Ben Caudill; Anna Caudill who married Enos  Tackett;
Arminda  Caudill who married Henry Thornsbury; Rose  Caudill
who married Ellis Tackett.

[8]   JOHN WESLEY CAUDILL  was born 15 March  1847  in  Floyd
County,  KY and died 23 November 1923. He married CELIA  ANN
MCBRAYER on 6 September 1868. She was born 16 April 1846 in

Ohio  and  died 5 February 1942 in Russell, KY. She  is  the
daughter of J R McBrayer.

Their children are: Florence F Caudill who was born 24  June
1875  in West Virginia; Matthew Caudill who was  born  about
1879;  John  Albert Caudill who was born 10  April  1881  at
White  House, Lawrence County, KY and married Elizabeth  Ann
Sparks; George Richard Caudill who was born 31 July 1883  in
Russell,  KY and married Mattie Tiller; Author  Caudill  who
was  born in September 1883 in Ohio; Marion Caudill who  was
born  in  August 1886 in KY; J Richard Caudill was  born  in
July 1889 in KY; Jesse Caudill who was born in April 1886 in
Greenup County, KY and married Minnie Akers.

[9]   SARAH CAUDILL was born about 1850 in Floyd County,  KY
and married JAMES DAMRON.

Their  children  are:  Walter  Damron;  Daniel  Damron   who
married  Ida  Akers;  Martha  Damron  who  married   Willard
Tackett;  Rebecca Damron who married Sylnan Tackett;  Nellie
Damron who married James Greer.

[10]   MARTHA CAUDILL as born about 1853. ON 26  April  1868
she married WILLIAM “BILL” JOHNSON in Letcher County, KY.

Their  children are: Elisha Johnson; Ailly  Johnson;  Stumbo

[11]   ELIZABETH “BETTY” CAUDILL was born 4 December 1855  in
Floyd County, KY and married HARRISON KEEN on 2 June 1873 in
Floyd County, KY.

Their  children are: Mary A Keen who was born 27 March  1874
on Left Beaver Creek, Floyd County, KY; William Keen who was
born  26 March 1876 in Floyd County, KY; James Keen who  was
born 16 December 1878 in Floyd County, KY.

[12]  KENIS F CAUDILL was born 19 March 1859 in Floyd County,
KY and married MARGARET HAMPTON who was born in July 1853.

Their  children are: Celia A Caudill who was born 8  January
1877  in  Floyd County, KY; Matthew Caudill who was  born in
August 1578 in Letcher County, KY; Milton R Caudill was born
in August 1880 and married Mary Vallance; Silas Caudill  who
was in July 1884 in Ohio and married Lydia Campbell; Comilda
Caudill   was born in February 1887 in Ohio;Adie  C  Caudill
was born in September 1894 in Ohio and married Rose Caudill,
a grand daughter of Reubin and Jane (Barnett) Caudill.

[13] NANCY CAUDILL was born 17 January 1861 in Floyd  County,
KY and died 27 March 1938. She married  JAMES THORNSBURY  on
17 January 1877 in Floyd County, KY. He was born about  1885
in  Floyd  County, KY. The resided on Jacks Creek  in  Floyd

Their  children  are: Rose  Thornsbury;  Elisha  Thornsbury;
Maudie  Thornsbury;  Ruth Ann Thornsbury;  Mary  Thornsbury;
William Thornsbury; Lottie Thornsbury.            1/15/1997

[14]   ALAMANDER  L CAUDILL was born 9 August 1863  in  Floyd
County,  KY  and  was buried 6 June 1938  in  the  Alamander
Caudill.    Hollybush, KY. On 11 December  1879  he  married
MARTHA “PATSY” THORNSBURY. She was born 29 February 1859 and
died 1 December 1924. She is buried in the Caudill  Cemetery
at Hollybush, KY. She was a Mid Wife.

Their children are: Clarinda Caudill; Susan Caudill; John  W
Caudill; William M Caudill; Louinda Caudill; Louise Caudill;
Rose  Caudill;  Florence Caudill; Albert  B  Caudill;  Lauda
Caudill; Laconnie Caudill.

[15]   SARAH CAUDILL was born about 1856. She married  JOSEPH
HALL.  They had one daughter: Mary Ellen Hall who was born 4
October  1880  and  died  22 January  1948  in  the  Fleming
Hospital. She married ISAAC W PROFFITT who died about 1933.

[16]   ABEL   CAUDILL — see thje chapter pm ABLE CAUDILL

[17]  WILLIAM  CAUDILL was born on 1 March 1863  and  married
ELIZABETH  CAUDILL  who was born in July 1863. She  was  the
daughter of William Caudill and Nancy Martin.

[18]  JESSE CAUDILL was born in April 1867 and married  NANCY
BURKE who was born in January, 1887.

Their  children are: Allard Caudill; Vinson  Caudill;  Sarah
Caudill;  Moses  Caudill; Elvina Caudill;  Matthew  Caudill;
Hassell Caudill.

[19]  NANCY  CAUDILL  marries SAMMY HAMPTON,  son  of  Joseph
Hampton and Susannah Caudill.

Sammy  married  a  second  time  to  Sylvania  Tackett,  the
daughter  of  George  W Tackett  and  Rachael  Caudill  (the
daughter of JESSE and “Nellie” (Estep) Caudill.




[20]   HANNAH “HANNER” Caudill was born 9 November  1860  and
died 20 November 1922.  She married JESSE BATES on  8  March
1877.  Jesse was born 25 February 1856 in Floyd  County,  KY
and died 30 November 1943.

Their  children are: Nancy Bates; Cecil Bates; Joe B  Bates;
John  Bates;  Can Martin Bates;  Florence  Bates;  Magdalene
Bates; William Jay Bates; Jerry Bates; Arthur Bates.

[21]  ELIZABETH  CAUDILL  was born in July 1863  in  Ky.  She
married WILLIAM CAUDILL who was born March 1863. He was  the
son of Matthew and Elizabeth (Tackett) Caudill.

Their children are: Matthew Caudill who was born in July 180
and  married Hannah Little ; Marion Caudill who was born  in
June  1884;  Nancy Caudill who was born  in  November  1887;
Thomas  Caudill was born in January 1890; Rosey Caudill  was
born  in  June  1892; Andy Caudill was born  in  July  1893;
Joseph  Caudill was born in March 1897 and  married  Keturah
Elkins;  Elizabeth Caudill was born  in March 1899;  Susanna
Caudill  was born about 1903; Leland Caudill was born  about

[22]  MARY  CAUDILL married WINFIELD JOHNSON. They  lived  at
Topmost, Knott County, KY.

Their  children  are: Rosy Johnson; a daughter  who  married
Irvin Mullins; Cora Johnson who married Enoch Mullins;  Mary
Johnson who married Thomas “Babe” Waddles.

[23]  ANDREW “ANDY” CAUDILL who was born in December 1872  in
VA and married SARAH REYNOLDS who was born about 1870.

Their  children  are:  Catherine  Caudill who  was  born  in
August 1895; Hiram Caudill who was born in July 1898 in  VA;
Stacy  Caudill;  Cora Caudill who was born 21 July  1904  in
Knott  County,  KY; A daughter who married  Hon  Thornsbury;
Charles  Caudill who was born 24 June 1918 in Knott  County,

[24]  ELISHA  JOHNSON  was born 22 September  1876  in  Floyd
County,  KY and died at Jacks Creek, Floyd County, KY on  20
March 1943.  He married CINDI COOK who was born 7 August 180
in  Letcher  County,  KY.  She died on  Jacks  Creek  on  23
December  1953.  She was the daughter of George  and  Jennie
(Adams) Cook.

They had a daughter: Martha Johnson.

[25] AILLY JOHNSON was born 2 April 1878 in Floyd County, KY.

[26] STUMBO JOHNSON was born 7 October 1887 and died 20 April
1963.   He married ROSANEY ISAACS about 1909.   Children  of
this  marriage  were:  Grace  Johnson;  Fred  Johnson;  B  H
Johnson;  Everett Johnson; Robert Johnson;  Debbie  Johnson;
Dessie Johnson; Violia Johnson; Irene Johnson.


[27]   NANCY BATES married ROACH THORNSBURY.  Their  children
are:   Cecil   Thornsbury;   William   Thornsbury;    Dennis
Thornsbury;   Dinah  Thornsbury;  Pearl   Thornsbury;   Earl
Thornsbury; Mary Thornsbury.

[28] CECIL BATES was born 5 February 1884 and died 27 January
1959.  About  1901 he married GENEVA COOK who was  born   30
August  1880 and died 26 July 1959. They lived  at  Topmost,

Their children are: Luther Bates; Bert Bates; Hettie  Bates;
Elmer Bates; Hager Bates; Mary Bates.

[29] JOE B BATES married _____. He Lived in Greenup  County,
KY.  He  served  about  16  years  in  the  U  S  House   of
Representatives and held other political offices. He died in

His children are: Joe Bates, Jr; Rebecca Bates.

[30]  JOHN  BATES married married SUSAN HALL. They  lived  at
Topmost,  KY. Their children are: Stella Bates;  Joe  Bates;
John Bates.

[31]  CAN MARTIN BATES was born about 1898 at Dry  Creek,  Ky
and  died at Lexington, KY on 12 November 1975.  He  married
ANN  BATES.  Their  children are: Mabel  Bates;  Can  Martin
Bates, Jr; Carter G Bates; Robert H Bates.

[32] FLORENCE BATES was born 21 September 1891 at Topmost, KY
and died in Xenia, OH on 31 December 1981. She is buried  in
the Dry Creek Cemetery, Topmost, KY.

Her  first  marriage  was  to  DUNK  HALL  which  ended   in
divorce.   Her  second marriage was to  ALLEN  COLLINS.  Her
third marriage was to R H ISAACS who died in 1956.

Her children by Hallis Millard Hall. Her children by Collins
is Everage Collins; Ulysses Collins who married Mabel Allen;
Norman  Collins  who  married a Hall;  Audrey  Collins.  Her
children by Isaacs are: Elsie Isaacs who married John  Hall;
Can  Martin  Isaacs; Anna Elma Isaacs who married  a  Pence;
Edith  Isaacs who married a Preston; Leon  Isaacs;  Othavell
Isaacs  who married a Downing; Dollie Isaacs who  married  a
Hall; Eva Isaacs who married a Matthews.

[33]  MAGDALENE  BATES was born 24 December 1895 and  died  7
April  1952. She married WILLIE MULLINS, and they  lived  at
Topmost,  KY.  Their children are: Virgil  Mullins;  Chester
Mullins; Charles Mullins; Myrtle Mullins.

[34]  WILLIAM JAY BATES was born 25 February 1886 and died  9
April  1958.  He married MINDA HOWELL on  1  February  1911.
Their children are: Hanner Bates who married Leonard Little;
Charles Bates; Clyde Bates; Marie Bates; Josephine Bates who
married a Watts.

[35]  JERRY BATES who married NANNIE MULLINS. Their children
are:  Kenos Bates; Willie Bates; Carl Bates;  Daniel  Bates;
Jesse Bates.

[36] ARTHUR BATES – No other information.

[37]  MARTHA  JOHNSON  was born 16 July  1898  at  Hello,  KY
and  died on 23 July 1982 at Albion, MI.  She married  ISAAC
CAUDILL, SR  who was born 9 February 1892 in  Knott  County,
KY  and died in Floyd County, KY. They are buried at  Drift,
Floyd County, KY.

Their  children  are:  Ivan Caudill;  Mabel  Caudill;  Isaac
Caudill, Jr.

Isaac’s  ancestry  goes  back to a common  ancestor  as  his
wife, Martha. which is Matthew and Sarah (Webb) Caudill. His
Parents  are Harvey and Sarah (Mullins) Caudill.  His  Grand
Parents are Abijah and Elizabeth (Slone) Caudill. His  Great
Grand  Parents  are Abner and  Ellender  (Johnson)  Caudill.
Abner is the son of Matthew and Sarah (Webb) Caudill.

[38]   CECIL THORNSBURY married LINDA CAUDILL on  2  February
1920.  She  was born in August 1902 and died  27  May  1960.
They lived at Topmost, KY.

Their children are: Arizona Thornsbury; Clarinda Thornsbury;
Rose Thornsbury; Lizzie Thornsbury; Hager Thornsbury; Airene
Thornsbury;  Nancy  Thornsbury;  Marlene  Thornsbury;   Myra


[39]  WILLIAM  THORNSBURY married SARAH JOHNSON. Sarah  is  a
sister  to  Martha  Johnson (see #  79)  who  married  Isaac
Caudill, Sr.

Their  children  are: Nellie Thornsbury;  Roach  Thornsbury;
William Thornsbury, Jr; Alene Thornsbury; Ida Thornsbury who
married Robert Owens; Anna Thornsbury; Rose Ella Thornsbury;
Zelda  Thornsbury; Ada Thornsbury; Frank  Thornsbury;  Jerry
Thornsbury; Willie Thornsbury.

[40] DENNIS THORNSBURY married____ and lived at Eastern, KY.
His children are: Aggie Thornsbury; Selmer Thornsbury; Elmer
Thornsbury;  Doshel  Thornsbury; Delmer  Thornsbury;  Marion
Thornsbury;  Locie  Thornsbury;  Zollie  Thornsbury;  Dennis

[41] DINAH THORNSBURY married CARLUS CAUDILL.  Their children
are:   Arthur   Caudill;  John  Caudill;   Garner   Caudill;
Obby Caudill; Imogene Caudill; Eugene Caudill.

children are: Lois Meade; Edna Lee Meade; Eugene Meade; Alma
Dean Meade; Arnold Meade.

[43]  EARL  THORNSBURY  married MILLIE HALL.  They  lived  at
Topmost, KY. Their children are: Mary Lou Thornsbury; Uhabon
Thornsbury;  Avalon  Thornsbury;  Minnie  Thornsbury;  Susie
Thornsbury; Hermey Thornsbury; Earl Lloyd Thornsbury.

[44]  OPAL THORNSBURY  married SOL BRADLEY.  They  lived in
Ironton,  Lawrence County, OH.  Their children  are:  Denver
Bradley; George Bradley; David Bradley.

[45]  LIZZIE  THORNSBURY  married HOB DIALS.  They  lived  at
Littcar, KY. They had one child: Laura Lee Dials.

[46] ANNIE THORNSBURY – No additional information.

[47] IVAN CAUDILL was born 4 September 1921.

[48] MABEL CAUDILL was born 12 December 1925.

[49]  ISAAC  CAUDILL JR was born 7 December 1934  at  Martin,
Floyd  County, KY. He married SHIRLEY MAE HACKWORTH who  was
born 1 August 1934 at Garrett, Floyd County, KY.  She is the
daughter of Melvin and Pearlie (Williams) Hackworth.
Their  children are: LeRoy Caudill; Iva Ann Caudill;  Pamela
Lynn Caudill.

[50]  LE ROY  CAUDILL  was born 25  March  1954  in Concord,
Jackson  County. MI.  On 12 August 1978 he married GINA  LEE
POBST  at Oran, Scott County, Missouri. She is the  daughter
of Harold Stephen and Bernice Bonita (Gluckhertz) Pobst.

Their  children  are:  Allyson  Caudill  who  was  born   26
September  1986  in  Warren, Wayne County,  MI;  Stuart  Lee
Caudill  who was born 15 September 1990 in  Winchester,  VA;
Caleb  Isaac  Caudill  who was born  15  September  1990  in
Winchester. VA.
[51A] IVA ANN CAUDILL was born 19 February   1955 in Concord,
MI.  She died in September. 1992 in Battle Creek, MI and  is
buried in Homer, Calhoun County, MI.

Her  first marriage was to JOSEPH PARSONS, and they had  one
child:  Joseph  Parsons,  Jr who was born 29  April 1975  in
Marshall, Calhoun County, MI.

[51B]  IVA ANN CAUDILL had a second marriage to  ABE  FRENCH.
They were married Nashville, Barry   County, MI and have one
child: Jeslyn Frency who was born in Nashville, MI.

[52A]   PAMELA LYNN CAUDILL was born 9 March 1961  in  Albion
Calhoun County, MI. Her first marriage was to GARY BERNER in
Battle  Creek, MI. There are two children of this  marriage:
Jack  Paul Berner who was born 6 August 1988 in Stuart,  FL;
Julia  Marie Berner who was born 4 June 1992 in  Waynesboro,

[52B]  PAMELIA  LYNN CAUDILL’s second marriage was  to  STEVE
BUCKLAND  in  Stuart,  FL.  They  have  one  child:   Rachel
Elizabeth   Buckland   who  was  born  29   July   1996   in
Charlottesville, Albenarle County, VA.

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  1. Glorianna says:

    The information about Andrew (Andy) Caudill and Sarah Reynolds children are not correct. Where did you get that information?
    [23] ANDREW “ANDY” CAUDILL who was born in December 1872 in
    VA and married SARAH REYNOLDS who was born about 1870.

    Their children are: Catherine Caudill who was born in
    August 1895; Hiram Caudill who was born in July 1898 in VA;
    Stacy Caudill; Cora Caudill who was born 21 July 1904 in
    Knott County, KY; A daughter who married Hon Thornsbury;
    Charles Caudill who was born 24 June 1918 in Knott County,

    I don’t know if those names listed above are Andrew and Sarah’s children or not, but I know Peggy (Margaret) Caudill was their daughter and she married Ben Gibson. Peggy Caudill Gibson is my great grandmother.

    • Hello my name is Kathie Gibson and my grandmother was also Peggy Gibson, and my grandfather was Ben Gibson…and by the record my mom knew that Sarah Reynolds Caudill married to Andy Caudill which were my great grandparents and by another record i found their children are recorded as Betty,1910,Margaret(Peggy)9-1891,William.12-1892,and Roseann July 1898., ..i have just started looking up genealogy and this is about as far as i have gotten…and plan on looking for more…i am so glad i came by this one…..

  2. Hello, my name is Kathie Gibson, and my grandmother was also Peggy Caudill Gibson,,she married my grandfather Ben Gibson,,by the records i have that my mother told me was that Peggy’s mother was Sarah Reynolds and her husband was Andy Caudill…a record i found for Sarah and Andy’s my (g.Mother and g.Father) children are Betty..3-25 1910,Margerett(Peggy)Sept.1891,William Dec.1892,RoseannJuly18 1898..I am hopeing to find Glorianna,,because it looks like because we have the same Grandmother we are related…thank you

    • glorianna says:

      Hello Kathie,

      Yes it does sound like we are related. I have been trying to find information about Sarah Reynolds. Did your mother know anything about Sarah?

  3. Brenda says:

    On number (38) you left out my grandmother. She was one of Cecil Thornsbury and Linda Caudill’s children. Her name was Oma Thornsbury.

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